Immerse yourself in my drug fueled tale of Rogering and Rudolf

A tale of love, lust and a sex worker

I discuss my sordid history of trying to be famous, my love for boobies and the reality of men's breast cancer

In this episode I celebrate my recent nomination for Australian muffler man handler of the year, all things alcoholism and the goings on in the MBFP.

In this episode I discuss the seriousness of testicle cancer, explain the true origins of the thumb ring, how I slid back into Manbrain and shout out far too many podcasts

In my debut episode I discuss why I only have one nut, my removal from the Man Brain podcast, my best episodes from Man Brain, my vision to improve Men's mental health support and why thumb rings are cool. 

Working this shit out is hard, I’m not good with technology. Very short taste test. Comments needed